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Tools For Mindfulness

a six-week course on meditation and mindful living with Michelle Stortz Learn the physiology of stress and how to alleviate it as well as sleep better, change your habits and live more mindfully. This course will teach you the foundational practices of mindfulness including sitting meditation, walking meditation, mindful movement,…

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A Community Meeting for the Sangha

Saturday, January 28th.  The Springboard Sangha’s Board of Directors will be having a Community Meeting for the sangha on Saturday, January 28th, 3:30-5:00pm, at the studio. The main item for discussion is the process of determining our physical home. We’ll layout what we know – our financial situation, our developing…

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Dharma of John Cage

Composer and musician (and Springboard teacher) Michael McDermott will lead a three part exportation into the work of composer John Cage and how he was influenced by Zen Buddhism. Sunday Jan 8, 15 and 22, 7:30-9pm.

Mindfulness and White Privilege

An Anti-Racism Seminar for White People Springboard teacher Deborah Cooper, M.Ed. will be co-leading a multi-part seminar about Mindfulness and White Privilege. Fee: $225 (Note new reduced price. Financial assistance also available.) With mindfulness practices we learn how to stay present and sit with what is true and what’s difficult,…

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Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

Sunday September 25, 11am -12:30pm Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that systematically leads you into a deep state of relaxation through breath awareness, body scanning and imagery (the 5 koshas). This state ‘turns on’ the relaxation response which is the body’s natural healing state. There is nothing for you to do,…

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Mt Airy Fair

A big warm THANK YOU to all of you who donated your time, energy, resources, and sense of humor to this year’s Mt. Airy Village Fair 2016. It was a wonderful day with lots people having crafty-fun making prayer flags and seeing themselves as the Buddha. See photo below: (Glenn…

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Devil’s Pool Clean-Up

,JUNE 18th, 9:00am – 1:00pm At the Orange Trail near Valley Green.  Park in the upper parking lot for Valley Green Inn, which is on Valley Green Road. Then walk down to the bridge. Meet at the bridge. Here’s the info on the Devils Pool cleanup, from the FOW website (http://www.fow.org/volunteering/workinthepark/) For more info please contact…

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Befriending the Heart-Mind Connection

Hi Folks, This month’s class will focus on the Buddha’s teaching on Mindfulness – specifically what is it we are supposed to be mindful of. In the Satipatthana Sutta, the Buddha set out the Four Foundations of Mindfulness – body, feelings, mind states and categories of reality.  Each of these four…

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