Springboard Sangha

A Letter from Caroline Peterson (founder of Springboard)

Dearest Friends:

I am writing to you later rather than sooner after leaving Philadelphia; first to thank you for the many kind farewell gifts, gestures and acknowledgements and second to say that we have arrived here safely and are settling in. This has been a profound leave taking – letting go of the familiar daily habits of work and place, the roles that have defined us and the lack of proximity to friends long known.

We have a home in Interlaken, NY, so named as we abide on the plateau between Cayuga (nearer) and Seneca Lakes. It is beautiful here even in this dark season. We regularly visit the overlook at Taughannock Falls which has taken something like 380 million years to form and I find it evokes an accepting grin and an interior feeling of gratitude for life itself – “still here.”

In making this new beginning, normal tensions have arisen with what is unknown about work, roles, income, community, the future of our nation, etc. I practice remembering the Dalia Lama teaching that in his experience it is best to let go of expectations in favor of opening to the arising of synchronicity. I have found that staying open to possibilities in this way, without pushing or filling in the discomfort of not knowing, is an approach to be honored and respected; even when I am unable to calm my oh so human nerves!

So early this morning I was headed back to practice, which had eluded me the last few days, and I planned to revisit listening to Zen Roshi Norman Fischer teaching on Dogen. Somehow my eye caught a posting on a recent talk he gave at a retreat in Mexico on imagination. I have such deep gratitude that it emerged outside of my planning. It truly met me on the path and supported being open hearted. If you are able to make time to listen, perhaps you will find this teaching encourages your heart during this transition week (link follows).

Love and a deep bow of gratitude,
January 19, 2017