Springboard Sangha

A Community Meeting for the Sangha

Saturday, January 28th. 

The Springboard Sangha’s Board of Directors will be having a Community Meeting for the sangha on Saturday, January 28th, 3:30-5:00pm, at the studio.

The main item for discussion is the process of determining our physical home. We’ll layout what we know – our financial situation, our developing relationship with Unitarian Society of Germantown, our timeline with the new owners of our current location – but mostly we’d like to hear from you!

Other items revolve around the board/sangha relationship. Is it time for board elections? Who would vote? Does that mean membership? What would that look like? How can the board communicate better with the sangha?

Please come and let us know your thoughts on these items. If you are not able to come, feel free to respond to this email with your opinions. After the meeting a summary will go out and you’ll be able to respond then as well.

‘Hope to See you Saturday,
Michelle Stortz
Board President